We all know food items like candy are bad for your teeth, but were you aware of these other foods people regularly eat that are actually bad for your teeth? Make sure to watch out for these and eat in moderation.


Dried Fruit

Probably didn't see this one coming did you? We know regular fruit is good for us, filled with vitamins and nutrients.  While dried fruit contains plenty of those, the removal of water leads to much higher concentrations of sugar.  The sugar combined with the general increase in "stickiness" in dried fruits creates a sort of fruity cavity cocktail.  We won't tell you not to eat fruit, but if dried fruit is a large part of your diet, try to cut back and make sure to floss and brush after you eat.


Red Wine

Red wine has plenty of health benefits such as lowering bad cholesterol and contributing to good heart health, but it also contains some not so good things for your teeth.  Tannins are little molecules in red wine that give it that texture and mouth feel that red wine is known for.  Tannins are also known to cause enamel decay,  stains, and reduce saliva production.    We won't deny the positives red wine can have for your health, but it's important to keep in mind how it affects your dental health as well.



Not to be confused with it's softer cousin water, which is great for your teeth, ice and more specifically chewing on ice can cause serious damage to your teeth.  Chewing on ice can damage enamel, loosen crowns, and cause weaker teeth to break, chip, or crack.  Feel free to keep using ice to keep your favorite beverage cold, but maybe wait until it's water before you chew it.


Barbecue Sauce

Who doesn't love some good barbecue.  It's sweet, it's tangy, perfect to cook chicken with or dip your favorites foods into.  While I'll never turn down a plate of ribs, consider that the sweetness comes from high amounts of sugar, and that tang generally comes from some kind of vinegar or other highly acidic ingredient.  You've probably noticed a theme here, but sugar leads to cavities and acid can wear down your tooth enamel.  You don't need to take barbecue out of your life, but it's a good idea to clean your teeth after eating.